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When a million vehicles are added per month to our city roads, when technology-driven passenger vehicles cruise through our roads, when the weather is no longer predictable, it's important to ensure that your on-road grips are best in class to counter any surprises.


We understand your need to stay safe on the rushy roads and that's exactly why we entered into this large industry where a basic customer has still got only the conventional methods when it comes to buying tyres. Wallsend Tyres came into existence with an idea of taking a wide variety of Genuine car tyres to the customers there by increasing their ability to browse through different options based on their brand model, terrain and even weather conditions. 

When you buy from Wallsend Tyres, 3 things are guaranteed : Your tyres are "GENUINE", "BEST PRICED" and "NEW".

Founded in the early 2018, Wallsend Tyres Pvt Ltd is a start-up venture owned and founded by Mr. George Sebastian, a big time car lover. With more than a decade of industrial expertise, George wanted to bring a big time revolution in the tyre industry where customers still faces a lot of limitations while picking the best tyres for their vehicles.

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the most preferred online  Indian tyre store by the year 2025. We aim to achieve this by providing unique, quality-driven and focused services to our customers there by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

To be a significant player in the global tyre market thereby bringing transparency and trust to the customers across the world.



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